No Name.

Daughter Nikki & son-in-law Paul came to see us. We reversed back to the winding hole and turned so that the other side was against the towpath. An hour or so with the wet & dry and a few minutes with the paint roller and both sides were now ‘nameless’.

Change the name

She still had the name ‘Leah’ on the side and the previous owners name. We were keen to remove this as soon as we could, but a little nervous in case we made a mess of it. Friends Jan & Mike drove up to see us and while Mike and I went back to Hanbury

Going somewhere at last

It was a cold frosty morning when we awoke. The plan was to move JH the 5 miles or so down the canal to Tibberton. That had been her permanent mooring. I had previously spoken to someone at BW who said that we couldn’t transfer the mooring, but we could stay there for month or

First night on board

We loaded up the car with all the stuff we had bought and headed up the M5. It was dark when we arrived at Hanbury Wharf, so unloading from the pub car park was a bit tricky. We didnt know if there was any water in the tank so I pushed her over to the

Paperwork ! (28/2/08)

I have spent quite a bit of time over the last couple of days sorting out the paperwork. Ringing round insurance companies, organising the licence transfer with BW, sorting out the mooring,  planning the new signwriting…… Quite a lot to do and we havent actually used her yet !

More Shopping ! (26/2/08)

It’s amazing how much stuff you need on a boat! We went to Ikea & Stax to get a carfull of bedding, kitchen utensils, cleaning stuff etc. There was also paperwork to deal with, insurance, change of licence, mooring …. All this stuff to do and we havent gone anywhere yet !

She’s ours (25/2/08)

We went back to the brokers to meet the previous owner, a Mr Godsell. He took us over the boat and explained a few things to us, and it was clear that he was sad to see her go. We went back to the brokers to finish the paperwork and get the keys. it all

The Result (19/2/08)

We couldn’t wait for the written report so I called the surveyor. Except for a few relatively minor points the surveyor said that she was in good condition and there was no reason not to go ahead with the purchase. Hooray! It’s all becoming a reality now.