Dutton Horse Bridge

To show our guests more of the river Weaver we went upstream to just before Winsford, winded and then headed back to Northwich. Just as we were approaching the floating pontoon mooring by the cinema another boat pulled away leaving just enough space for us. After lunch we took a quick wander round the shops

Vale Royal Moorings

With friends Sue and Tom we left home at 6:30 to try and miss the M5/M6 traffic. It wasnt too bad and we arrived at the marina about 9 o’clock. After unloading, topping up the water and a cup of tea we set off around 10 o’clock. The plan was to go down onto the

Bridge 211

We knew that it would only be a short day today so we did a few jobs and then set off just before 11 o’clock. The weather was alternately rain and dry, but mostly rain. A quick lunch stop by the Anderton lift, then on to moor for the evening by bridge 211 a mile

Oakwood Marina

The Weaver lock keepers dont come on duty until 9:00 and cant lock the first boat through until 9:15 it seems. But we were there just after nine and they locked us through. Between Vale Royal locks and Hunts lock there are several boatyards that grew up to deal with the larger boats that used


Just down the four locks and four miles back to the marina by 10 o’clock. Bacon sandwiches at 10:30, J&M left soon after. We tidied up and were away by 12:00


We were all up, showered and breakfasted by about 8:30, so just chugged over to the lift waiting area. It was a bit later than our allotted time of 9:15 as we entered the lift, but we were up by 10 o’clock. The new tank gauge showed just over 80% full so we decided to

Anderton Visitor’s Mooring

We awoke to blue skies and it stayed like that all day, reaching 23°C by early afternoon. The lock keepers at Hunts lock dont come on duty until 9:30 on weekends. So we chugged up slowly then moored up and waited for them. On through Vale Royal locks and and to Winsford, where we moored

New Engine Deck Boards

I have spent most of today making new deck boards to cover the engine hole. I bought a sheet of Buffalo Board at home. The problem was that it was too big to fit in the car. I had only measured the old boards roughly, so at home I had to cut the new board

Odd Jobs

The quickest trip up the M5/6 so far, only two and a half hours. We are here to do a few odd jobs on board before friends Jan & Mike joins us on Thursday. The weather forecast was for sun, but it’s raining. One of the jobs is outside so that will have to wait